Blockswish was founded by disruptive entrepreneurs from Sweden, Germany, and Australia convinced that cash is no longer king but digital currencies are, transforming banking into one simplified experience and enabling payment service providers to capture the full value of the consumer market.

Here is where decentralized and centralized economies meet and share one single technology to unify the global market at the speed of light. In 2021 the patented technology unifying all payments into a single Mobile POS terminal was born.

Blockswish’s ambition is to deliver easy solutions to millions of people and thousands of merchants around Europe.


Launch in Scandinavia

Launch in Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland

July 2021

Launch in UK

Launch in UK & Ireland
Smart Retail Tech
Las Vegas

September 2021

Launch in France

November 2021

Launch in Italy

January 2022

Launch in Netherlands

Smart Retail Tech London

March 2022

Launch in Poland

April 2022

Launch in Spain

June 2022

Our Team

Maddox R. Burhall


Background in Tech Innovation and Visionary development, Startups, Consumer products, Blockchain Development and Marketing

Tobias van Rennings


Background in Startups, Consulting, and Finance, Master in Business and extensive experience in B2B

Rafael Bergola


Background in startups, consulting, enterprise B2B, Tech visionary & disrupted business development

Nathan Burns

Nathan Burns


Extensive experience in e-commerce and retail, startups, B2B and disrupted business development

Felix Mago

Felix Mago


Background in DeFi, currencies and exchanges, founder of Dash Next, the merchant currency in Asia

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